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In this article, we spotlight 100 companies who are making waves in edge computing and have exciting developments coming in 2023.

As always this list includes a range of companies, from start ups to those established in the ecosystem. This year, we’ve asked companies to provide more information on their financial milestones associated with edge computing, as well as for details on the practicalities of edge applications that they are enabling. From this, we can chart the increase in maturity of edge offerings with more companies seeing significant revenues streams coming from their edge portfolio. We can also see the increased range of edge use cases being enabled ranging from global manufacturing operations to retail to V2X communications. (Extracted from the article)

8. AiM Future
Company type: Start-up
Position in edge ecosystem: Hardware (Processor);
Notable achievements in 2022: AiM Future have had many product launches in 2022 and have launched several versions of their NeuroMosaic Processors including the NMP-300, NMP-500, NMP-7000. Their new customer acquisitions include Supergate and PnP Networks and they have secured partnerships with SiFive, Effinix and CoSignOn.

Key financials milestones reached: They have nearly closed series-A funding.
An edge computing use case they help to enable: Their products are geared to run EfficientDet, and EfficientNet for object detection in rear-view camera systems in automotive applications. They are also using these for another customer to be used in doorbell systems where face detection is used.

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